I was trying to get my sh*t together and go get a haircut cuz I pretty much looked like this:

Salon was full, so I decided to kill time at K-mart, while I was walking through the parking lot this happened:

"Hey! Is that Tinkerbell?" some stranger said referring to my Tinkerbell tattoo on my shoulder

"Umm..Yes" me slightly startled

"Did they call you Tinkerbell in college?" same total stranger walking silently behind me

"Ummm...::chuckle:: No.." me slightly amused

"Cuz all you need are the wings, you already have Tinkerbell's smile" stranger getting creepy

I then turn around and see his face...like a sweet yet creepy face...the kind of neighbor who you only see when he takes out his garbage on sundays...and you always wonder what's inside the bags...

I then begin to walk briskly.

"Do you have anymore tattoos, or are they in places I can't see?"

::me starting to haul ass::

He continues,

"Oh you have a cat on your leg".

We are, thank Christ, at the entrance to K-mart...

I look at him before we part ways and he says:

"Bye...Me-o-o-ow"...sounding like Eartha Kit...fuck...Now I know why my mom hangs on Christ's robe so much...lots of fucking psychos.

If you've read my last recent posts, you are aware we've just had a new Watch Tower installed in our house...

Watch Tower Alert

"Hey!!! you just ran over your vacum hose with your back tire!!!!"

"Yeah...I didn't notice, between the crunching-exploding-loud-ass-bang..." moi

On other fucked up news...I didn't check up on the last part of the game yesterday...but last time I confirmed with Yahoo!, Yankees were losing in the bottom of the 7th...

But, seems like they went into 12 innings and the most over-rated Yankees Player, Alex Rodriguez scored a two home run...scoring us a victory. Why fucked up news you say? Cuz I didn't see the game..they played in the afternoon...

Funny though before knowing we had won I ruined my dad's day by telling him how I thought we had lost...

His answer: Shit...come playoff time we are so not gonna go far...

On another note: The Mets got their asses kicked by Boston...Fuck.

Tonight we rest and play against the Mets on Friday..Yes I said "WE"...


The thought of they day, stole off a bumper sticker:

"Lose faith in Humanity, one asshole at a time".

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