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Hey..well I post the good, the bad and the ugly..

We got our asses kicked last night. I have no idea what Torre was thinking..but letting that pitcher keep loading bases was not such a good idea (I know he was looking for a double play), but loading bases with Ramirez and Big Papi at bat..not so bright.

Also: Schilling was murdering us...Steinberg **hint hint** that's the kind of pitcher you should buy..

Other bad bad news..Sheffield will out till September...ARRGGGGHH!!!
But alas,
Revenge will be sweet..


Ok. Driving Etiquette.

I have road rage. Shocking news isn't it?..
Well yesterday as I was at a RED Light, a taxi driver behind me started honking his horn, he wanted me to disobey the law and run over the red light...so he kept honking his horn and I rolled down my window, stuck my hand out and hit on my hood, which is the puertorican way of saying "fly over my car u prick"...

So taxi man gets pissed, keeps honking..and I stick my hand out again and flip him the bird...go make noise pollution somewhere else...dumb f*ck.

When the light changes, he speeds past me and stops right next to me..he looks at me, says something, probably about my mother..and what does mamasita me do? I smiled and blew him the biggest kiss I could offer...LOL.

He drove off immediatley.

As my teacher once told me: Kill em' with kindness....after u flip em' the bird of course..


I am considering going into the BPP...

Blogger's Protection Program.

Someone has "Googled" me and found my blog. Even after I mentioned I did not want them to find it. ::sigh:: Mortifying...Mortifying indeed.

This blog is like my manic side. It's where I can be the abnormal, crazy ass person I can be. It's kind of embarrasing for people who see the 'other' me, find this blog and read my online rants and total nonsense...


My mom shouldbe back today...Bout fuckin' time. Last night was our last supper...Aleluya....No more cooking for ungrateful people...sweet...

Finished the 'Da Vinci Code' movie yesterday....pretty loyal to the book...Tom Hanks I did not like, Audrey I loved..she is a french chic that totally rocks...(I love her French movies better though)...Ian McKellen rocked..and Paul Bettany as the Albino Monk...really creepy, really great...good movie...I'm not too disappointed..although Howard kind of messed with the end a bit...


Friday's Four:

Things I would love to do this weekend,

1. Have a nice time at my daugther's b-day bash.
2. Sleep at least till 11 am on Sunday...bwuaaaahhhhhhhhh....dream dream dream.
3. Do nothing. Just sit my ass and do absolutely nothing. This is totally impossible, especially with a toddler who doesn't take naps.
4. See the movie "Cronicas"...I started to watch it this week, but could not finish. But I doubt I can do that, cuz this weekend is a busy one..

What would u like ur weekend to be like?

I have some other writting being conjured up in my lil' brain...look out for weekend posts!!

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