Friday's Four...

Yes I am gonna give a baseball update...
We are officially screwed.
.Torre got suspended for one game and Unit for Five
Unit thought it was a bright idea for vengeance and hit someone with his pitch. For those who don't know "Unit" aka "Big Unit" aka Randy Johnson...not quite the pitcher he used to be, but is definitely one of the best we have at the time being. Now we are not gonna have em' for 5 games. Shit. To continue the bad news...we lost today to Cleveland..couldn't see the was in the afternoon. But my other New Yorkers, The Mets have won their 8th straight game in a row. Not all is lost.

On an exciting note: Boston is losing, yet again...but the game isn't over.

Being that it's baseball season and it is Friday...Today's Friday's Four will be the four REASONS I like baseball:

1. It brings me the only fond memories I have as child with my dad. Our living room was a haven for New York Mets stuff...pins, posters...I especially remember a poster of Dwight Gooden (before he became a junkie..or was that Darryl Strawberry??) in our living room wall on top of the TV. I also remember summers spent at Shea Stadium. My dad used to take me, before my brother was born and before he became a total schmuck.

2. It is the only season where my brother, my dad and me can actually have a decent conversation without wishing each other immediate death. Unless....oh unless it's the last games of the season and the Yankees are about to make it to the World Series...then it gets tense. U see, my dad is a fan of whatever New York Team, the bro however, hates the Yanks...see where it can get ugly?

3. People consider it a boring sport. But I find it very exciting and I look forward to night games where I can sit on my couch and eat ice cream and scream at the TV:

"WTF are u thinking??!!! Get that pitcher out!!"

4. It is the only sport I can remotely play. Basketball with my height...?? Nope. Football with my Body structure..?? Yeah right. Baseball?? a bat, a ball and running like there is no tomorrow...I can handle that.

And as a Bonus: It is the only sport my daughter recognizes and yells: "Baseball Baseball...Goooo Yankees!!"

What did ya' think she was gonna say: "Go Boston"???!!

Bwuaaaahhhhh.....I don't think so,not unless she doesn't plan on remaining on my life insurance as sole beneficiary ::rolling in complete hysterical laughter...

Happy freakin' weekend...I'll probably sneak a post here and there...

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