One of my favorite lines from "Home on the Range".

"well now we all know what's gonna happen, we are all going to the slaughter house"

"Whaatt?? that's silly, now who would wanna eat a chicken?"


I'm not pimping in a Mercedes, boss could not find keys. I'm pimping in a brand new convertible PT Cruiser, which I have permission to drop the top off tomorrow if the day is bright.

I couldn't even get the windows to roll down, how the hell am I gonna drop the top.


la la la la...stepping out of the shower.
Miss C is with bro chilling and I overheard this...

"Say Goooo!!!..." bro
"Yankess" Miss C...
"No no no...what did I teach ya?"
"Say Gooo!!..." bro
"Boston" Miss C...

"HEY HEY HEY..there is no cursing in this house" Moi
::hysterical giggles from bro & Miss::

::must sit down...I feel no circulation...::

a mother's nightmare come true....

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