Before I get into my post, I must say:


Weekend series with the Mets: we lost 2 out of three games...although we made an awesome comeback on Saturday...

Yesterday: We played against rivals, Boston. We were winning up to like the 5th inning...but since our pitchers suck..we were down 9 to 1 in the 9th...Bernie and Canoe made base hits and A-Rod and Posada hit some homers, cutting down the deficit to 4 to 9. But we still suck. One would think that with a $164 million dollar team, we could have a decent's not all about hitters u know that, don't cha' George??!!



Saturday: X picked up Miss C. Supposed to bring her back at around 7pm.
I, was in domestic bliss, cleaning my house and having an affair with Clorox.
"A" and I were supposed to see movies during the evening.
Allowing enough time for X to drop of Miss C without them crossing paths.

1pm: "A" calls.

"I'm at the mall in your area, how do I get to your house??"

Me: "Whaaaat???!!! at my raggedy cleaning outfit and my bucket of clorox) didn't think u were coming this early"

I told him to give me half an hour and told him how to get to my house.

But if you've done ur math correctly..u know that there would be no avoiding an encounter of the 'X' kind.

"A" shows up...we start our movies..and right in the begining of "MUNICH", "X" calls that he is on his way to drop Miss C off. Might I add it's only 2pm and he's been with Miss C for only 2 hours...

I tell 'X' that I have a 'Guest' and he says he wants to meet my 'guest'.
X shows up, I present them as sanely as I could, they shook hands, and 'X' has the bright idea to pick up some of the stuff he still has at my crib, which is in the living room where we are precisely watching our movies.

At this point, I could care less about the 72' Olympic Massacre and proceed to go to the kitchen to hyperventilate in solitud and prevent cardiac arrest. I hear Miss C showing "A" her ponies and "X" talking to himself while looking through some boxes. I hear "A" volunteering to help "X" and the latter declining the help.

Long story short, "X" was playing happy-go-lucky. "A" was playing it cool. "X" leaves, but has to return cuz he forgot to give me Miss C's I go downtairs to get the backpack...'X' motions me to go sit in the passenger side of the car, cuz : he has to talk to me.

So I sit.

X: "I congratulate you. He seems like a good choice. A nice guy"
Me: nervous chuckle.."Um. thanks"
X: "U may want to reconsider ur move if things work out well with him"
Me: losing composure..."Um..I don't think so", while trying frantically to open the car door and exit.
He leaves, but not without saying that I must understand why he can no longer be my friend, which honestly upsets me cuz, I don't see the point of such immaturity. Oh well.

So after this encounter, "A" endured an encounter of the 'MOM' kind. Where he greeted her in his socks. Yes u read right, I wrote 'socks'. "A" took off his shoes and was 'chillin like a villain' in his socks. Don't ask. LOL.

After some movies, I made us a quick dinnerish mom brought up some food as well, and after a quick encounter of the 'brotherly' kind, "A" left promptly at 9pm. I must admit, he was sure brave. He didn't flinch or haul ass for the door. It was waaaaay too much tension for any 'normal' person to take, but "A" took it in stride. I mean, meeting my parents is inevitable when u go to my house, they live downstairs, but meeting the 'X', well that's a whole 'nother ballpark.

I'm not so sure I slept very well that night. Who fuckin' would, u know?
But we had a nice time, aside from the unbearable-tension-that-could-slice-through-air, we survived.

And after all this tension...I leave u with these wise and random thoughts..

and here's a bonus:

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