Friday's Four...

Before I get to Friday's Four..I would like to publically address the fact that the person who mentioned my lack of 'better clothes' has told me that there was a problem of communication between us, and that this person (I will not mention if it is a he/she), only wanted to 'buy me some clothes'..

WTF??!! I don't know what's worse, the fact that I should need better clothes, or the fact that someone else, who doesn't know me all that well wants to buy some for me...
I am ooooh so sorry I forgot my Armani clothes or Louie Sweater this morning...they are all in the dry bare with


In other fascinating news:


I would oh so wish that this would be their fate:

I don't know what language that is, nor do I care....I'm pretty sure it's saying:


I second that thought..

Seems like Miss C has a late night obsession with them, and she puts on her shoes, brings me the keys to my car and thinks we should make late night trips to buy her ponies.

It 'sounds' something like this:

"Momma, shoes, car, pony, there (pointing to the door)"
"Yeah, Yeah, get out of the way, I'm watching the Will& Grace finale"

Followed by excruciating squealing, wailing, and screaming...very very soothing at 10pm...very soothing indeed..


I had a free lunch yesterday. I was at my regular lunch joint and as I was gonna pay, the manager, a nice guy who always says "HI" to me, notices that I am wearing my :

"I love someone with Autism" Pin.

He asked me who do I 'love' with Autism and I told him, my daughter. Long story short: His son is Autistic, we talked for about half an hour and he then told me lunch was on him...wasn't that sweet.?

Ok. Friday's Four:

Four things that my mom does that drive me apeshit:

1. When she mentions ALL THE TIME, the importance of clean underwear..Seriously, I don't care...but she says her reputation will be ruined if we were to be seriously injured or killed in an accident and happen to have dirty really, what kind of mom is she? letting her almost dead child leave out the house with dirty underwear, nevermind the fact that they are probably gonna have to reattatch our heads that were severely cut off by a huge machine that fell out of the sky and almost killed us...but dirty underwear...??!! Shame...!!

2. When she gives u the "look"...U know which one it's the "I dont approve and really don't give a shit, but when u make a mistake i'll be there to point it out" look...nuff explanation necessary

3. When she hangs my wet shirts on WIRE HANGERS!!! DAMMMMMMITTTT!!!!!!! I am JOAN CRAWFORD WITH THIS SHIT...NO WIRE HANGERS...She stretches out my shirts....She means well, but that is why I have purchased wooden and plastic hangers...I hate wire hangers...she is ruining the small amount of "better clothes" I have left...

4. When I say one thing to Miss C, like: "Don't take off your socks!" and once I turn my back, she'll take them off for her and say: "Aww, her feet are sweaty, aren't they Miss C??, mommy thinks your feet don't get hot under those silly socks, ain't mommy silly?"...No authority man...No authority what so ever...

But I didn't get to choose my mom, and I still have a post to write about her...but, deep down I still love her...really I have no choice...

Happy weekend folks!!

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