On a quick note:

I had a lunch 'thing' with my male friend, "The Artist", today. The X showed up to leave me the performance for tomorrow..Awkward huh?!!

More awkward: after our lunch...we couldn't find the booth to pay the parking ticket at, or "The Artist"'s car. He had forgotten to see which floor he had parked on. Might I add, he is the first man to admit he is a lousy driver, can't park and doesn't pay attention to car related details. I know more about cars than he does.

The conversation went like this:

"What floor are u parked on?" me

"I don't know" him

"What do u mean you don't know?"

"Well, I don't know".

We spent like 10 minutes walkin' from floor to floor, me with my stilettos, trying to figure out where the car was parked...Now imagine me, in this scenario, what would a girl do:



Laugh some more.

It was a good ending to a good lunch.

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