My lips are sealed...

Today I paid an 'homage' to the 80's...Come on...u know there is at least one thing u like about the 80's...don't give me that look..admit it...I hated leggings, shoulder pads and neon colors..but the 80's did make a wave of new trends for fashion..I mean who can forget 'huge hair' and loving affairs with Aqua Net...

Ok. That's bullshit. I sorta of didn't have anything to wear that wasn't looking like it has been crumpled up in my closet and wanted by the 'iron patrol' I kinda of put on whatever I first found at my disposal...Resulting in my 'homage' for the day.

Pencil thin Ralph Lauren Jean skirt..a darkish blue.
Black and Turquoise striped blouse, with short sleeves and a slanted silver 'zipper' on the upper right corner...left corner..I don't's on one corner..and yes, u read right..zipper...
Black leather T strapped, studded shoes...really cute...I might add..
And large silver dangily earrings..
Bare in mind that I have super short cropped hair with red highlights to complete my 80's homage...

No one comments on my quirky fashion choices at the office, cuz frankly my boss ain't one to notice or really care.

But what I didn't count on was that I was gonna see "A" today.

I quickly saw him and mentioned the fact that I was very 80-ish today...after a while he then proceeded to point out that I looked like Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's:

Frankly...I was going more for a Melanie Griffin "Working Girl" look, u know, the one that she had before kicking Sigourney Weavers ass and banging Harrison Ford...Or possibly an extra in the Madonna "Borderline" video...

But Jane?! Well I can see the resemblance..but Hell to the No...I am not a Go-Go.
And my lips sure as hell ain't sealed.

Speakin' of hell...I was at one of favorite blogsites Mom With Attitude, and I learned that Jesus and Satan have a help Dear Abby with a twist...a real twisted's Satan's profile:

"Greetings. I’m Satan. I’m single and live in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I like hockey and shopping at Home Depot. I have a one year-old Golden Retriever named Mishnah. Email me anytime. I love getting to know people."

WTF???!! He has a Golden Retriever??!!!

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