Rice Casseroles to Orlando...

Yes. This is another baseball post. No. I don't care if you if u are annoyed by the fact that I am obsessed. Yes. I am aware I am sick. No. I don't care.

We won last night. Finally...We almost screwed it up at the end..cuz Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are fuckin' killing us...but we won...

Let's see if we can keep up this winning streak tonight...


On another note..my mom made such an interesting quote yesterday...it was sooo worth posting:

"I don't need you to love me...I just need you to stop fucking with me".

Classy, huh??


I think I mentioned she will be traveling with my aunts to Orlando this Sunday. Yes, the chickens are gonna be out in the open. This is an event I am glad I will miss. My mom has already informed me that my aunt is placing her big 'caldero', (covered casserole, for rice), in her suitcase. Yes, in her suitcase...and she is placing her underwear inside the casserole...cuz she needs to use all the space left in her suitcase wisely. My mom tried to help and suggest she place the casserole in a separate box. She also said she'd hang on the robe of Christ, and pray that they won't open my aunt's suitcase at the airport, because she would be mortified. This coming from a woman, who wears pantyhose underneath her long skin tight jeans and hangs on the robe of Christ.

God finds the meaning of the flashing light

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