Just one of those days!!

Feelin' like a freight train
First one to complain
Leaves with a blood stain
Damn right I'm a maniac
You better watch your back
Cuz I'm fuckin' up your program
And if your stuck up
You just lucked up
Next in line to get fucked up
Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker
Its just one of those days!!

Break Stuff..
By Limp Bizkit


It's been a looooong day...too long for me to even begin to quantify...
Let's do a quick recap into my afternoon when all hell breaks loose..

Miss C has lice......again
For like the seventh time in like 5 months...
I'm about to go get ghetto fab with these day care people...I mean they are nice..they are cheap and she's been there for a long time..and now that she doesn't have school she's been there all day..but lately these kids have a major lice problem I can't cope with..Imagine taking lice and nits out of Miss C...

Just grand.

Been all day at work coping with my Boss' stress and personal problems...I'll go into detail later...bottom line: I feel real sorry for her. Money can't buy u everything.

Went to lunch with the "A" friend. ::sigh:: I've got to dedicate an entire post to this one. Things are ok. Just a tad off. Odd I guess. Probably the lack of having a 'friend' has made me a tad rusty...**mental note: gotta get up to date on chic-lit..see if I'm going to need a whole other approach...

Miss C was crying when i picked her up from daycare. They took a toy away from her, and all hell broke loose. I got her in the van kicking and screaming. She spent a whole hour outside letting all the neighbors know she was pissed and wasn't gonna take it anymore...

In the famous words of Rhett Butler:

Frankly my dear I don't give damn...

I sat down to have my dinner.

I know the drill. She'll scream, cry, tense up, sweat a lot, cry some more, bite anyone who comes near her..blah blah blah.

It's a quarter to seven, I'm tired, hungry, sleepy.

If you ignore her long enough, and put nice earplugs in, she'll shut up.

My neighbor and father thought differently.
Neighbor came over and told me I should wipe the sweat off her face and try to calm her down.

My answer: "She's gonna keep crying and sweatin'..makes no difference".

My dad thought I was the cruelest, most inconsiderate mom in the world. Gee, that's funny, cuz just yesterday I was the most special mom in the world.
He told me it wasn't healthy to let her cry like that. That the daycare should hide all their toys so C wouldn't suffer.

Hide all their toys???!!

Listen folks, it's not that I don't have a heart. But C has to learn that people can't rearrange their world all the time to acomodate her. That's life. And she has to learn this one way or another.

My dad then asks if I intend to let her keep crying. Cuz u know "that's unhealthy"

My answer: I have not met one child that has died of crying. (Well, that can't happen anyway, cuz if they died how would i meet them, well that's besides the point). Contrary to popular belief, crying is healthy, it encourages the growth and development of fine, strong lungs. It is however unhealthy for a tired ass mom to have to come home every night to this. I think I would be much healthier giving her a spanking, u know..so she can have a real reason to cry. I know I'd sleep a lot better that way.

She eventually stopped. about 2 hours later, but she stopped.

After the K-os, my mom and I were watching the Animal Planet channel. They were giving a program comparing male and female mating, in both the animal and human species. They showed how 'bachelor walruses swim to a far off island to 'hang out'..but later call upon females to 'entertain them'...

In Australia there is a small town where once a year, the men have women driven in, like hundreds of them for an annual bachelor and bachelorette party...

My mom's take:

"Hey...u should find out when the next one is happening..so u can go"...

Mouth wide open, waiting for the punch line that never comes: "Mom it's in Australia"

She gives me the 'i wasn't joking look'.."And?? sounds like a nice adventure to me..and who knows u might meet someone"..

::sigh:: Even my mom thinks I need companionship.


To finalize my wonderful day, I proceeded to take a shower downstairs, cuz my brand new water heater gives me electrical shocks everytime I touch the water handle. (That's what I get for having my Godfather install it for free). As I am enjoying the only 15 mintues I have to myself and proceed to wash the crack in my ass(too much details for ya? sorry)...


I am in the dark, in the shower..with my hand in the crack of my ass.

It's not that I can get my hand out, but I'm shocked that our 'third world' town has no electricity, again.

My mom rushes to my rescue:

"Honey are u allright, u be careful in there, u wouldn't wanna fall".

My take:

Oh Shit, Lord knows I don't wanna fall and have forensics and paramaedics come take me away with my hand still stuck up my butt. Nevermind the fact that I could slip in the dark and break my spinal cord, dying or ultimately ending up confined to a wheelchair. I just wouldn't want any of that to happen with my hand up my slot, like an ATM card.

So I quickly removed it as the power came back on...phewwwww!!!
Lucky Lucky me.

On the bright side, I found out something very interesting about myself:

You are

Go fuckin' figure!!

Which one are u?

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