Arghhh me Harteey!!

"My ARGGHH French Fries!!"
"My ARGGHH French Fries!!"
"My ARGGHH French Fries!!"
"My ARGGHH thataway!!"

Sound familiar? That is what I had to deal with this morning at 10 am after therapy.
There were still no MC D's with fries and nuggets at this hour, only breakfast.

What is supermom to do?

Well for one:

Get bitchslapped in the face by her wailing 4 year old in middle of full blown tantrum over Pirate Fries from the Happy Meal of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bitchslapped as hand when you are not expecting it, straight to cheek, right in the entrance of MC D's.


After recovering from B.S., beg the cashier to throw some fries and nuggets in the frier. She's not supposed to eat any of these due to her diet. But I was fearing for the life of the patrons in the joint. She's bitchslapping now, maybe later she'll pull out the AK-47...u know how toddlers get these days...

Her fries were served and I was tired.
Ain't nothing like a bitchslap to knock u out of your 3 day insomnia fest.


Speaking of B.S.'s , yesterday I got a cyber B.S. I was online, surfing the net...reading your blogs..when out of the blue, and ol' ol' lawyer friend..who we will call Ted shows up.

Me and Ted go 2 years back. Good buddy. He's a yuppie, tennis playing, beach loving, very smart, funny, quirky type of guy...a lawyer with ADD, who was covering a case on a big Oil Spill, which I took every chance I could to make him feel guilty, cause he was protecting the big bastards...

So anyway...he moved to another firm...we kinda of lost touch..and precisely last week Empress asked about him. Well we talked yesterday. He's up to his eyeballs at work, bought a new walk up and was in his hometown for his Bro's wedding.

His Bro is 40 and this is his first wedding. We spent hours calculating the big surpise his Bro was gonna be in for...haha...Me and Ted are both divorcee's so we know the drill.

Our conversation was cut off by my bro, who wanted the phone line to talk to his gal, hooker lady, who had just left...

I had seen them earlier downstairs playing Tonsil Hockey....YUCK!!


On a "happier" note...seems like the wedding bug has attacked. "AD": friend who is having married yesterday. She let me know by text message at 8am this morning. The last thing I wanna read at 8am is that someone got married.

Nevertheless, I wish her the best.

That rhymed...isnt' that grand?

So...afterparty is today...Me and Ex are invited. They are mutual friends of both. So we are probably gonna go. Don't get any ideas people. This is strictly business.

So off we will go to the wedding-bliss-part-ay!
I have nothing to wear, no gift and absolutely no real vibe to go..but "AD" is my I'm gonna have to suck it up.

Thought for the weekend: Weddings are like 80's fashions. They were cute once...big belts, leggings and shoulder pads...but their time has gone..and should never return..!!

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