Mañana por la mañana, llena tu casa de flores...

::record scratching and stopping instantly::

Well actually not tomorrow in the morning...more like tomorrow in the late afternoon...and no don't fill up your house with flowers...

Cuz I will be filling up my van with mini-luggage. I am going away for the weekend. Coming back on Sunday. It's not going to be entirely relaxing cuz Miss C is going along, but it will be relaxing enough. Breathing oxygen and on my way to this. My boss owns it and is giving me a free weekend there. (Empress I know your a tad upset. But I'll make it up to you. But I wanna make it up to you, sans Miss C. If your memory does not fail you, last time we did a thing like so with Miss C, she threw up all over our beds and cried forever because she wanted to get into the pool late at night. So I will make it up to ya' without the child in tow).

So a weekend without a computer, without my parents and in a totally new place where I can eat out and just relax. Pray for me...please pray for me.


I was reading on Yoly's blog Las Aventuras de Super J, about her son's new thing: His sudden crush with HOME DEPOT.

Which brought a good ol' memory of my dad and a conversation we had once...
So here goes Friday's Four, dedicated to things that just go wrong when my parents try to "speakin' di inglish":

1. We are in my car. Dad, Mom, Old Boyfriend and bro. We are on our way to the movies. We pass by a shopping center. My dad goes:

"Look they just opened up a Hot Peeple there.

We all look...

"Hot Peeple?"

"Yeah, Hot Peeple the place where they sell tools and construction stuff".


2. My dad also wanted to see the Paris Hilton Movie: "Di Howl of Wack" (The House of Wax, for those who can't intepret his ghetto english)

3. My mom telling me about her visit to Universal Studios in Florida: "Oh my god, and we went into the Thrilly D's, and it was so exciting, you actually thought they'd jump out of the screen and getcha'" (The 3-D rides at Universal).

4. My dad buying Chinese Food: " wanna..hmm..rise wit boney rib and chrimp". (rice with boneless ribs and shrimp)

"Sir, would you like a deep fried rat to go with that order??"



I'm sure there are plenty more, but I can't think of any right now...

Hope ya have a great weekend...


Today's thought of the day:

"Don't every deny yourself the opportunity to have sex outside the city"


And Release the Presses: My friend "AD" is gonna have the baby...the stars have aligned, lot's of events have ocurred, like the fact that she went to get the issue "resolved", but they told her she wasn't far along and she'd have to reschedule and her MIL dreamed that she was holding a baby boy...etc. etc.

So she has just called, she's decided these were signs and she is not moving to the states...She is having the baby!!!

So I'm gonna be Auntie E.!!

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