Educating Minds...

It was brought to my attention that I am always throwing myself a pitty party. I was told that "I feel sorry for myself".

Actually, I feel sorry for my daughter. She's the one who's gonna grow up with a mom who is bitter at society.


I was told: that I should give thanx because there are people in worse conditions than I (NO Shit Sherlock). I give thanx. I know that I am fortunate. But that does not mean that I don't get angry, frustrated, sad, furious, depressed. I was told that I need to do something to change my situation. Like what? Rob a bank? Take over the Presidency?? A Revolution?

Any bright ideas are welcome.

What do people think I do all day? Count my chest hairs??? Fuck, if I was really down and out, I'd stay at home, consumate all my sick days, mope around, cry, do shit, let the government pay for my sorry ass. But I am not. I work everyday, I take care of my kid, I do my share of shit.

So for your information, and to educate the minds out there who think we live marvelous easy lives and we are whining bitches...

Think again.

Even if the one shit doesn't stink as much as another shit, it's still Shit.


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