A call

A good friend called me today. I had not heard from her in quite some time. She wasn't crying, but she sounded funny. I quickly asked if she was allright, to which she initially stated she was. But ya' can't fool me...you call me out of the blue with a weird tone in your voice..? Somethin's up...

I was right. She had seen him, again. Him, is a guy that she had an affair with. Well, actually they both had affairs with each other. Both of them were married at the time. Him and Her had an affair for almost 2 years. How can you have an affair for almost 2 years? How does that happen?

Well, like all things that start wrong, this ended wrong. She woke up one day and decided things had to end. She kinda of just yanked him out of her system. They 'loved' each other, or so she told me. They even talked about a future together. When asked my opinion, I would always tell her, she needed to get out of that relationship. Not because it was 'morally' wrong. Cuz fuck it, the parties involved are all adults. I told her to get out, because it was taking a toll on her. She was losing it. She was in love with someone who could never give himself to her, even though he kept on promising they would be together.

After she yanked him out, she started living her life again, eventually she even got a divorce, although I don't think it had anything to do with the affair. She got her pieces back and returned to a quasi-normal life. We don't even mention Him in our conversations anymore, like if he had never existed. But today as she was walking in to grab some lunch, she bumped into Him. Small world, huh? She told me : Out of all the places I could have gone to get lunch I go in that place to bump into Him. She told me they chit-chatted, not much though, cause he was with someone. She told me she had regretted not dressing nicer today and that she had noticed he was wearing his wedding ring. I didn't see the point. She told me that he NEVER wore his ring, ever, because he thought he might damage it at his job, and that today she noticed he had his ring.

She wasn't upset though. She wasn't crying like she would have normally been. She just sounded nostalgic, sad. I told her if she wanted she could come over today since I don't work tomorrow, but she said she would be allright and that she called cause she needed to share this with someone.

It must suck to love someone you know can never be yours. It must suck even more to hear all those lies everyday that someday there will be a future for you and him.

That's why I think you should always step away from the murky waters...

To you friend. I admire your great bravery today, cuz you didn't shed one tear and your voice didn't break...not once...

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