Lunch minus Frescatas

So. Empress called. She works nearby. Went to have lunch. Wendy's. No Frescatas. Good Ol' Fashioned Nuggets. Thank you. We met up with another dear Friend "Mr. P".

::rolling in laughter::
::gaining composure::

Mr. P works in the Media Industry. Talks about a concert. Tony Melendez. Tony Melendez who? A guy who sings religious themes and plays the guitar with his feet. Ok. I won't go into details of all the other things that came up after this theme was brought at the table.

We also saw a double for Jack White:

I kinda thought he looked more like another guy, which I hope Empress will post a pic of.

It really didn't matter, whoever he looked like, we all almost spit up our lunch.

::giving thumbs up::


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