On the wrong team.

David Wright is on the Wrong Team...Well, actually he's on the leading team in it's division. But last night in the All-Star his team lost. Boo-hoo...A guy with a mug like your's needs to be winning all night long...He is hawt!

He almost even won the Home Run Derby, but alas, did not.
Big "Papi" didn't make it to the last round. Tsk Tsk.
But the important thing is that our American League won.

On a funny note for those who were watching the game, when they announced the starting line-up for the American League, Ozzie Guillen, the coach, told his players in Spanish, on live TV:

"Vamos a comerles el culo".

"Let's eat their asses".

Ok. If you have a thing for asses be my guest.

Whatever floats ya' boat.

The Death Van is still in the shop. Undergoing massive surgery. I still have very huge intentions of setting it on fire. Just for the hell of it. I am in i-dont-give-a-fuck-mode.


It was recently brought to my attention that I am a 'rebel without a cause'. As I mentioned in my last post. Got me thinking...what if I am on the wrong team?

What if everyone is right? and I'm just like holding on to something that doesn't exist. This crusade for what's right and justice and crap, will it only, in the long run tucker me out and provoke massive ulcers...?? Shit I already suffer from heartburn.

What if, this illusion that I can make a difference, is just that? An Illusion.
Talk about a waste of time.

Should I draft my ass to the winning team, and sell my soul to the opposers (I can't say Devil, cause I already think I have done that). Do I betray all that I stand for? Do I go and live a life of peace, serenity and go with the flow?

What would be the point?
To sleep at night??
I don't think I could. Regardless.

Besides I wouldn't have anything to post about.

Thought of the day: We are not put on this earth to babysit Misfits

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